CCSD Director of Special Education Joel Allred retires after 38 years of service in education

Joel Allred retires
Allred at his drive-through retirement celebration


Joel Allred has served the Cache County School District for over 35 years, with compassion and dedication. We congratulate him on his well-deserved retirement this summer. He has left a legacy that will not be forgotten, and he will be missed.


CCSD Superintendent Steven Norton considers it an honor to share a few thoughts about Allred after working with him for over 24 years. “Joel is one of the most caring educators I have ever known,” Norton said. “He has worked with elementary, secondary, resource, alternative, and adult education students. He is truly a man for all seasons. Wherever he has worked, the students have known they were loved. He cared deeply for their learning and for them as individuals. They trusted Joel with their lives and always shared their joys and sorrows with him. Joel was also loved and respected by his teachers and staff. They knew he always had their backs and would do anything for them to help them be successful. It has been a real pleasure to watch and to learn from Joel. He has taught me much over the years. I wish him the best of everything as he moves on."


“I can’t say enough about Joel Allred,” said Kayleen Wootton, CCSD Elementary Resource Coordinator. “He has a heart of gold and is a man of service. He exemplifies the skills of being helpful, considerate, empathetic, cooperative, and patient--and he is a collaborative communicator. There was never a meeting, training, or conference we attended that he didn’t run into a former student, parent, grandparent, or child of a student he taught. In every interaction, he has made it a point to ask about their families. He has built a legacy in the valley and the district. He will be deeply missed.”


Joel Allred
Allred at a Cache High activity


Shanna Guymon, the district speech-language pathologist (SLP) Coordinator, agrees. “I have been so grateful for the opportunity to work with Joel,” she said. “His priority is people. He is positive and optimistic no matter how difficult the situation. As an administrator, he really cares about his students and his staff. Honestly, I feel like he knows everyone in the valley. He truly has a big heart.”


After graduating from Utah State University, Allred began teaching school in Nevada before returning to Cache Valley as the district’s Behavior Specialist. Then in 1991, he became the principal at Cache High, where he stayed for nine years. Next. he became the principal at Greenville Elementary for seven years, before becoming the assistant principal at Sky View in 2009. Four years later, he became the CCSD Director of Special Education and has been there ever since. 


Joel Allred
Allred during his time at Sky View High School


Stacy Larsen, Special Education Administrative Assistant, works closely with Allred and will miss his kindness and influence. “Joel is unlike any other,” she said. “His compassion, understanding, and patience have touched the lives of all who have met him. Knowing Joel and working for him for the past seven years has taught me to be a more caring and considerate person. The world is truly a better place because of his example.”


Allred believes that if we try a little harder every day, we will be able to leave the world a little better than we found it. This is what he has done with CCSD — left it better than he found it. “Maybe we can be a little more patient, a little more kind,” he said. “We can strive to improve the lives of our kids in the best way possible. That’s what we’ve tried to do and what I’ve tried to do in my job: be a little more mindful of decisions, a little more caring, and a little more thoughtful in what we do.”


Behavior Support Coordinator Kylie Atkinson put it simply when she said, “Joel is a legend.” She explained, “A legend is someone who leaves behind an unforgettable impression on others. They touch lives, they're remembered, they're cherished. Becoming a legend means finding your particular role, your calling, following it, and touching others around you.  Joel found his calling and for 38 years he has touched so many people and everyone knows him. They know him because he has left an unforgettable impression on them and he will forever be a legend.”


Joel Allred and his family:

Joel Allred with his family


Joel Allred and family


Joel Allred and family


Thank you, Joel, for all you have done for the district. We wish you well in your future endeavors!