CCSD students excel in Thermo Fisher STEM Competition

STEM in schools

Amidst coronavirus-caused chaos and changing circumstances, Thermo Fisher Scientific held its 8th annual STEM competition for schools in Cache Valley virtually on May 7th and 8th. Many Cache County School District schools participated in this competition which encourages students to become interested in STEM subjects. 


STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, is a national curriculum initiative that promotes the education of these vital subjects. STEM helps to generate interest and recognize excellence in young scholars through fun, engaging activities.


Students worked for eight weeks on their projects which provided each of them with valuable learning opportunities in STEM and other life skills. 


“By inviting students to participate in this event, it encourages them to engage as a team, motivates and challenges their abilities, and builds self-confidence,” said Mary Bell of Thermo Fisher Scientific. “A comment made by a student on a winning team was, ‘this made my life.’ This is Thermo Fisher’s intent — to encourage STEM to be a part of the students' lives. Our future is in their hands.”


As a reward for their achievement, schools around the district won differing amounts of money to go toward STEM supplies. In total, Cache County School District schools were awarded $14,500 by Thermo Fisher to be used towards STEM education. 


Congratulations to the following CCSD student teams:


Group A

(2nd Place) Providence Elementary School - A $2500
(3rd Place) Summit Elementary School - A  $1,000
(4th Place) Sunrise Elementary School - A $500
(5th Place) Nibley Elementary School - A $500


Group B

(1st Place) Nibley Elementary School - B $3,000
(2nd Place) Lincoln Elementary School $2,500
(3rd Place) Summit Elementary School - B $1,000
(4th Place) Cedar Ridge Elementary School - B $500


7th & 8th

(1st Place) North Cache Middle School $3,000
(3rd Place) Spring Creek Middle School - A $1,000


Many thanks to Thermo Fisher Scientific for providing an opportunity for these students to explore STEM subjects!