Always sowing connections: Sunrise Elementary's Teacher of the Year, Sue Hintze

Sue Hintz


Sue Hintze is Sunrise Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year--and for good reason. She lives to sow connections, not only with her students but with everyone she meets. Her desire to help and improve the lives of others is apparent in the way that she motivates and inspires.


Sunrise Principal Derek Beer believes that Hintze is an exceptional educator who is well-deserving of this award. “Sue always works very hard at meeting the needs of all of her students.” Beer said. “She builds unmatched rapport with students and staff members. She deserves every bit of positive recognition.”


A Minnesota native, Hintze graduated from North Dakota University in Grand Forks, North Dakota with a degree in Elementary Education and Psychology. While in college, she originally planned on only majoring in psychology. However, as Hintze got deeper into children’s psychology, she realized that she loved making connections with children, and thought that she would be more helpful to them as a teacher. This desire to make connections, especially with her students, has affected her entire career and has helped make her the exceptional educator she is today.


Hintze began teaching in 2007 at Summit Elementary. She also spent some time teaching at Birch Creek Elementary and is currently in her third year of teaching 4th grade at Sunrise Elementary.


Her desire to create connections with students has not wavered during Hintze’s years as an educator. Even when schooling moved online several months ago, she worked hard to make sure that her students were able to make connections with their friends and classmates. She tries to keep lecturing to a minimum, in order to facilitate interactions between her students. 


Not only does Hintze hope her students continue to connect, but she also encourages them to focus on the positive and to know that they can overcome any challenge. “I would want them to know that they can do hard things,” she said, “no matter how hard or scary things can be--we can make it through it. Right now, especially.”