Helping students develop a lifelong love of learning: Providence Elementary's Teacher of the Year, Todd Simpson


Todd Simpson


Growing up, Todd Simpson was fascinated with learning about everything around him. This passion led him to his career as an educator, where he hopes to help others discover their own love of learning. “As I volunteered to help youth while I was in college, I found it was rewarding to see them follow my lead in the love of learning,” Simpson said. “I also realized I would be able to continue learning about all sorts of things by teaching. I wanted a job where each day would be different-- and teaching definitely meets that criteria.” Simpson has been selected as Providence Elementary’s Teacher of the Year. 


Principal Jeff Keck praised Simpson for his team-player attitude and said he is very respected by the other teachers at the school. According to Keck, Simpson has all of the qualities that a good teacher is supposed to have and is consistently one of the most popular teachers with students in Providence. “The students see him as approachable and kind. He has a laid-back personality that balances fun with disciplined teaching,” Keck explained.


Simpson said that interacting with students over his years as an educator has changed the way that he looks at people. “I’ve learned that each person has a unique outlook on life and different skill sets that make them a valuable asset. It’s exciting to see what students choose to do with their lives and the impact they’ll have,” Simpson said. “It’s humbling to know that teachers get to share in the shaping of the future of each student.”


Simpson feels lucky to be teaching 6th-graders during the current changes due to COVID-19 because they are already using so much technology in their schooling. He has loved the opportunity to learn from online schooling but doesn’t think it will ever become a replacement for the classroom.


The most valuable ingredient is missing — a personal relationship with real-time responses that are individualized based on the knowledge I glean from having them in my classroom and getting to know them and their unique skill sets and personalities,” Simpson said.


Thank you, Mr. Simpson, for helping the students of Providence Elementary develop a love of learning!