North Park’s Teacher of the Year, Shelby Olson, radiates love no matter the circumstances

Shelby Olson


In the words of North Park Principal Alden Jack,  Shelby Olson’s happy and cheerful demeanor radiates "through her classroom, down the hall, through the school, and into the community." She is an amazing teacher who treats each child with care while making learning fun. And, she has been named North Park Elementary’s Teacher of the Year.


Olson graduated from Utah State University with a dual major in special education and elementary education. She taught special education at Mount Logan Middle School for three years, then took a 17-year break to raise her children, during which she taught preschool. It was during this time that Olson found a passion for teaching young children. When she started teaching at North Park six years ago, she decided to teach first grade and has been there ever since. 


Not only is Olson an exceptional teacher, but she has also taken on many committees such as the match adoption committee, leading the SAT team, and participating in Utah’s Leading through Effective, Actionable, and Dynamic Education (ULEAD). Principal Jack appreciates that Olson isn’t afraid to try new techniques and programs and is always willing to help any student, parent, or teacher who needs help. 


Olson misses her students, especially during this time of online schooling. She stays connected with them through technology and works hard to keep her students engaged and communicating. Every day, she posts a question on an online board and allows her young students to respond and share their ideas. She even has students occasionally calling in to correct her lessons if she makes a mistake, which she loves. 


“I want them to know that I love them, especially now, since I don’t get to see them every day,” Olson said. “If they know that you legitimately love them, they will work and learn for you. They just need to feel loved and safe and know that you care.”