Congratulations to Rachel Kenning, the Teacher of the Year at Spring Creek Middle School!

Rachel Kenning with student


Having a love for science helped Rachel Kenning find her dream job: sharing that passion with others as an educator. Currently an eighth-grade science teacher, Kenning has been selected as Spring Creek Middle School’s 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year.


Kenning graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University before continuing her education at the University of Missouri. She has been teaching for the past 16 years, four of which have been spent at Spring Creek.


According to Principal Blair Powell, Kenning’s efforts to ensure that all of her students are engaged and learning is a big part of what makes her such an asset to the Spring Creek faculty. “She uses a wide variety of activities and methods to help students learn at high levels. She is a team player and an excellent leader in her collaboration teams,” Powell said. “She is also constantly looking for ways that she can learn and improve.”


Kenning has learned many things throughout her teaching career, but for her, the most impactful has been the discovery of just what her students are capable of achieving. “Teaching has taught me the capacity of the human being,” she explained. “I had more of a fixed mindset — some kids come into the world smarter and some kids are just not as capable-- but I don't believe that anymore. I believe that almost everyone has great capacity and my kids show me that every day.”


Kenning believes that a key element to her students’ success is the support that she, her students, and the other teachers constantly receive from the community. “We have amazingly supportive parents and kids that make Spring Creek a really awesome school,” Kenning said. “They're kind to each other, they work hard, they’re respectful. The teachers here are amazing — you couldn't find a better school to work for.”


Rachel Kenning receives her award from Amanie Crosby and Randall Bagley
Rachel Kenning receives her award from Spring Creek MS assistant principal
Amanie Crosbie and board member Randall Bagley.