Standing for Something: Spring Creek students create and gain awareness through art

Art teacher Meg Erekson


Combining art with activism, students at Spring Creek Middle School are hoping to create change. Each year, teaching artist Meg Erekson provides students with  a unique opportunity to create art based around a central theme--and this year's theme is “Stand for Something.” So far, student artwork has addressed bullying, pollution, world hunger, alcoholism, drug abuse, and much more. This artwork provides insight into subjects that students are passionate about changing.


According to Erekson, this process helps them to figure out who they are. “I think it's important that students understand that they actually can make a difference. Even just one person can,” Erekson said. She enjoys seeing how the students change after they come to this realization. “They're more considerate of each other," she explained. "They're thinking a little deeper about what some people in their school might struggle with. They're just a little bit kinder, a little bit nicer to each other.”


A Spring Creek MS Gallery Night is held at the conclusion of each trimester with the purpose of giving students a chance to showcase their artwork. Students serve as art tour guides for parents, families, and community members. This trimester’s Gallery Night will be held on February 20 from 6:00-7:30 pm.