Congratulations to Lester Lee, the Teacher of the Year at Sky View High School!

Lester Lee stands beside student artwork
Sky View Teacher of the Year, Lester Lee, stands beside student artwork


Working in education for three decades has given Lester Lee a legacy of kindness and artistic talent, which is evident to anyone who steps foot in his classroom. Lee, who has won numerous art awards and accolades, is Sky View High School’s 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year.


Lee’s father, a teacher, inspired him to pursue a career in education. In fact, most of Lee’s ten siblings followed in their father’s footsteps and became teachers themselves. Lee’s passion for art led him to choose art education, which he enjoys because it allows him to “be surrounded by art and artists every day.” He admits, “I can’t get enough of it.”


Lester Lee with art students
Lester Lee with several of his art students


Principal Mike Monson believes that not only is Lee a talented artist and teacher, but also an exceptional addition to Sky View’s staff. Monson admires him for his ability to go about sharing his talents quietly. For example, every year, Lee donates some of his own artwork to the entire faculty. He also helps his AP students put together beautiful portfolios to showcase their abilities.


Lee’s contributions and impact over the years has been substantial. “Not only has he helped thousands of young people develop their artistic talents, but he has helped thousands of young people learn how to be a better person. Lester is one of the kindest, most giving individuals you will ever meet,” Monson said. 


"East of Preston" by Lester Lee
"East of Preston" oil painting by Lester Lee


Lee finds enjoyment in watching his students finally grasp something that they have struggled with. He believes it’s these students who have made him the person he is today. “The biggest reward is a student’s smile when they get it,” Lee said. “I didn't think the students had changed me until I contemplated retirement and losing that student-based atmosphere.  Now, I'm wondering how I will get along without them.” 


Lester Lee receives his Teacher of the Year award
Lester Lee receives his Teacher of the Year award from principal Mike Monson and 
board member, Larry Jeppesen