Congratulations to Kris Miller, the Teacher of the Year at Birch Creek Elementary!

Kris Miller reads a book to her class


Kris Miller, in her words, ties about a thousand shoes a day. Her students always know where to go for love and support, and her commitment to education is apparent in everything she does. She has been selected as Birch Creek Elementary’s 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year. 


Teaching first grade has been a lifelong goal for Miller. She accomplished and surpassed it-- spending 22 of her 24 years teaching, as a first-grade teacher. She is passionate about helping her students develop a love for reading and hopes to write a book one day herself. Miller strives to make sure her students feel valued and cared for. After each day of learning, she always says the same thing to her students: "Play outside, read good books, and remember your teacher loves you."


Principal Trudy Wilson feels fortunate to have Miller as a part of her faculty at Birch Creek because of the way she puts her students first. Wilson and Miller have worked together for many years; they used to walk the halls together talking about their young families who are now grown. Wilson expressed gratitude for Miller’s role in her life and the lives of her students and colleagues. “She is an outstanding teacher who truly cares about children,” Wilson explained, quoting another colleague. “She is a wonderful teacher-mentor who exemplifies quality teaching practices and dedication to our profession.”


Kris Miller receives her Teacher of the Year award