School greeters making a difference at Cedar Ridge Elementary

a volunteer welcomes students to school   greeter gives a student a hug   a volunteer welcomes students to school


It's Fist Bump Friday at Cedar Ridge Elementary and school greeters Laurel Hancey and Jill Anderson are welcoming students to school. You can see an immediate difference as the kids walk through the doors, often stopping for a high five or hug from these volunteers. "If I can do something to change their day for the better, then it's totally worth it," says Hancey. "I love being here! It's a win-win."


Senior greeters are part of an effort to boost mental health in our students by creating a sense of community. "You can tell right away which kids are having a hard day," shared Anderson after giving one student a hug. "It feels so good to be able to help them."


The volunteers work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for half an hour as students arrive in the morning. Principal Amy Bassett loves having them at her school. "It's made a huge difference," she said. From the smiles on the students' faces, they agree.


Many thanks to these wonderful volunteers! If you are interested in becoming a senior greeter volunteer, please contact Debbie Rees at 435-752-3925. 


volunteers at Cedar Ridge elementary with a student