Student Spotlight: Mountain Crest High School's Keila Molina

Keila Molina


Keila Molina is a student of many talents. A sophomore at Mountain Crest High School, she maintains high grades, works on the yearbook, helps to shoot school videos, and is a member of the Mountain Peak Volleyball team. Although she is already fluent in Spanish and English, she decided to study French also, to challenge herself. “When she likes something,” explained her friend Alex Cisneros, “she’s dedicated to it.”


Molina’s math teacher, Tammy Short, agrees. “Keila is always doing her best,” Short shared. “She has a very high grade in my class, but will still retake a quiz or test because she wants to understand and master all the content.” Not only does Molina want to excel, but she desires to help others, also. Teachers describe her as a student who works well with those around her, supporting them and their learning.


Another attribute that sets Molina apart is her positive attitude. “Keila has a contagious joyfulness that helps everyone she works with have fun while learning,” described French teacher, Cade Bassett. “She stays focused on the task being learned and does so with confidence.”


Molina’s favorite high school class so far has been Intro to Health Science. She dreams of one day becoming a pediatrician--a perfect career choice for someone who loves to help others and make a difference. 


Keila Molina by the Mountain Crest mustang statue