Congratulations to Jacob Downs, Teacher of the Year at White Pine Elementary


Jacob Downs’ lucky number seems to be four: he has taught fourth-grade for four years, decided in fourth-grade he wanted to teach when he grew up, and switched his major in college four times before landing in elementary education. Now, in his fourth year of teaching at White Pine Elementary, Downs is being recognized as the school’s 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year!

“Jake is a superb teacher,” said White Pine principal Shellie Healy. “He is masterful in understanding the needs of students and finding ways to meet those needs.” Downs believes his purpose as a teacher is to help prepare his students to lead happy lives. He has a bigger goal in mind for his students: he not only wants them to succeed in school and at home, but also to succeed as contributing citizens and members of society in the future. “Being a guide to help students grow into their happy lives is what I find most fulfilling,” Downs shared.

Though Downs is now a teacher, he is also currently a student. He is continuing his personal education by studying in a Ph.D. program, devoting much of his free time to learning how to conduct literacy research. Because Downs is constantly learning, he is a valuable member of the faculty at White Pine. “[He] is always willing to help faculty and staff by sharing his knowledge of technology,” Healy explained. “Jake has also been willing to serve on district committees concerning our ELAvate reading program.”

Downs’ contributions as a teacher and a faculty member do not go unnoticed. Thank you, Jacob Downs, for being such a valuable member of the Cache County School District! Congratulations on being recognized as Teacher of the Year!