Congratulations to Meghan Downs, Teacher of the Year at Sunrise Elementary!


For sixteen years, Meghan Downs has been making a difference at Sunrise Elementary School. Now, she has been chosen to be the school’s 2018-19 Teacher of the Year! Downs spent the first nine years of her career teaching special education students and then switched over to third grade, which she has taught for seven years.

Because of her teaching experience, Downs is passionate about educating students in a variety of ways that will help them grow on an individual level. “She takes her background as a special education teacher and applies it on a daily basis,” said Sunrise Elementary Principal Derek Beer. When you walk into Down’s classroom, you might see her sitting on the floor with students while reading in small groups or doing a hands-on math equation. She is not afraid to dive right in and teach to her students’ needs.

Downs also strives to foster a classroom environment where students help each other succeed by implementing peer tutoring. “Meghan is truly a highly effective teacher,” Beer shared. “Her open-mindedness creates a classroom environment that allows all students to reach their potential.”

Downs, who was inspired by her own mother’s example as a teacher at Lewiston Elementary School,  is determined to see her students understand and succeed in school. She strives to adjust her classroom to meet the challenges and differences of every class. “The smiles they give and their eagerness to try are most fulfilling to me… I love to just see growth,” she explained.