2018-19 Classified Employees of the Year

It truly takes a village of administrators, teachers, and staff members to keep our schools running smoothly! We're pleased to announce the 2018-19 District Classified Employees of the Year. Their efforts behind the scenes have a huge impact on our schools and students. Congratulations to all our Classified Employees of the Year!

""   Food Service: Mickey Ricks (Ridgeline High School)

Here’s what Mickey’s coworkers had to say about her:
“Mickey is a loyal employee and can always be counted on. She brings a positive attitude in everything she does.”
“Mickey is our modern day Mary Poppins - she is practically perfect in every way! She works hard, does it with a smile, and does her job with perfection, love, and joy.”
“She never misses a day of work - she comes early, stays late, and makes our workplace a happy, positive place to be.”
“Mickey isn’t afraid to work, is always ready to go when lunch starts.”
“She is a perfect example of caring and giving to others. She is a good example of leadership and cleanliness, is always on time, and is very observant of others’ needs.”
“She is a hard worker, always is to work on time, and is never negative. She is always smiling, always tells the students thank you.”
“Mickey always makes good use of her time and does more than what is required of her. She is willing to help anyone and takes pride in her work. She is a great example to the rest of us at Ridgeline of what a 'lunch lady' should be!! She makes the kitchen the best place to work.”


""   Secretarial: Cheryl Henrie (Mountainside Elementary School)

Here’s what coworkers said about Cheryl:
“Cheryl was instrumental in getting Mountainside up and running as a new school.”
“Cheryl is the best secretary I have ever had as an administrator. She is in the middle of things - appropriately so - with her sleeves rolled up all the time. She goes out of her way to take care of the whole staff in countless ways.”
“As a Mendon-ite, she knows the history and needs of our community, and she is sensitive to those needs.”
“Cheryl’s skills are amazing. She is super with both technology hardware and software. She has amazing secretarial/office skills: She’s a master of Google, and she is an amazing bookkeeper.”
“Cheryl is even a GREAT nurse and handles ailing students like an expert. Nothing fazes her - not broken bones or blood - and I love that she is pretty tough.”
“She will stand up for what is right and isn’t afraid to speak her mind - in a direct but appropriate way.”
“Even though she has her hands full with a growing, very busy family, Cheryl goes well over and beyond her job description in taking care of the school and all of us 24/7. I love how she sees things that need to be done and just does them.”


""   Custodial: Mike Dahle (Summit Elementary School)

Comments about Mike Dahle from Summit Elementary Faculty and Staff:
“Instead of waiting until something breaks, he is constantly asking faculty and staff if we are aware of anything that may become a problem in the future. When we do bring something to his attention, he displays great efficiency in solving the problem.”
“He genuinely cares to do a good job, but, in the end, he simply wants to do good. I appreciate Mike for the custodian that he is, but I count myself changed for the opportunity that I have had to know him as a person!”
“Knowing how hard it is to be a new teacher, Mike would frequently stop by my classroom to make sure I was doing okay and to see if I needed anything. He truly cares about the people he works with!”
“Mike is one of the hardest working people I know! He is here every day and on the rare occasion he is gone, everyone knows it. He cannot be replaced!”
“The students absolutely love Mike. They consider him to be a friend and they know he is someone they can trust. He makes a point to get to know students and always says hello in the hallway. Mike is very genuine, and he truly cares about the people that he works with. He is very patient with all the disruptions in his day.”

Comments about Mike Dahle from Students:
“Mike keeps the school cleaned and he also keeps us entertained with how funny he is!”
“If we never had Mike and have a different janitor, people would be sad because Mike is so nice. Why Mike is a good person is he throws away garbage for us and he fixes stuff at times.  The other thing about Mike is he cleans well and hardly makes any mistakes. Actually, I think Mike would also be a good teacher.”
“Mike is a good janitor because he retrieves toys and balls from the roof of the school. For example, when a frisbee gets stuck on the roof, he brings it down with a ladder. Another example is that when a ball is flat he makes it puffy.”
“First Mike is a good person because he cleans the school and finds a solution to everything! Next, he plays a lot with me and others and cheers me up. Finally, Mike cares for kids and this is why Mike is a good person. Mike, you are amazing, awesome, cool, and super! P.S. Mike, I wish you were my teacher!”

""   Transportation: Diane Rigby (Special Needs Bus Driver)

What staff and parents have to say about Diane Rigby:
“Diane has worked for the school district for over 30 years; 17 years as a regular bus driver, and 14 years as a special needs bus driver. She has served on various bus committees, including the bus safety committee. Diane has a good working relationship with the parents of her students, the preschool teachers, and the special needs teachers. She is very friendly and hospitable with everyone she meets and always wears a smile.”
“It is not one big act but a hundred little things daily and yearly over 30 years.”
"When my son rode her bus, she always made sure to get to know him. She made sure he had a seat that fit him properly because he required something smaller than the standard seat… My son loves riding the bus and I credit her for a lot of it. There is so much more I can say about how amazing Diane is. She is, and always will be, a part of this family’s great experiences. She will always be our bus driver of the year.”
“Making the bus and the surroundings safe is very important to Diane. She sings songs and talks to the kids for the whole bus ride. The kids always laugh and have a good time on the bus. The environment on the bus is happy and friendly.
“When it is one of the students’ birthdays, she has a box full of toys for them to choose from. They get so excited and feel special that they got a present from the bus driver.”
“Some kids will never speak to anyone, but when getting off the bus they’ll say, 'Bye, Diane!' and smile back at her.”
“A few years ago, I started watching a special needs boy and Diane would pick him up from me. This little boy was blind, deaf, and had seizures. She could have just got him on and off the bus and went on her way, but without fail she would talk to him, and make sure he knew she cared for him. She would just make sure he was as comfortable as possible on those bad days. When he eventually passed away, Diane and Mark made sure to be there at the funeral. It made me realize that the kids are not just a number or a job. They mean the world to Mark and Diane.”

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""   Paraprofessional: Nicole Erickson (River Heights Elementary School)

Here’s what Nicole’s colleagues had to say about her:
“Nicole is very dependable and reliable.”
“She is a self-starter, proactive, and truly cares about the well-being of children. She works through challenges and collaborates well with others. She is a great asset to Cache County School District!”
“Nicole worked in my classroom as a behavioral aide for most of the school year. She was awesome in not only helping the child she was assigned to, but helped other struggling students as well. She is always on time and trying new strategies to help her students be successful.”
“Nicole is not afraid of hard work. She was assigned to a child with severe behaviors. She tried several different strategies until she found one that worked… She is willing to do whatever it takes to help a child be successful. She is willing to go the extra mile!”
“Students have been incredibly successful due to her willingness to show adaptability and dedication as a teacher.”