Get Caught Being Kind

What does it mean to be kind? We wanted to see what CCSD students had to say about kindness and what they do at school to spread kindness around.

What does ‘being kind’ mean to you?
“To help other people out and to stop bullying” - Charlie, 3rd Grade
“I think that being kind means that rather than looking out for your own needs, you look out at others before yourself. Help others and try and see what people  are going through and their perspectives on it.” - Jessi, 11th Grade
“It means being nice, and then you get a reward for it like you feel really good about it.” - Rylinn, 3rd Grade
“Means to accept other people despite any differences they might have or where they are coming from because not everybody has the same background in life.” - Emily, 12th Grade
“It means being nice and a lot of other stuff.” - Andy, 1st Grade
“It’s where you care for someone and you show that by doing acts of kindness for them.” - Joni, 6th Grade

Q: At school, what can you do to be kind?
“Help other people. You can help them with homework, help them feel better and to stop bullying” - Charlie, 3rd Grade
“General rule: the students here do their best to uplift one another. Even if we don’t always know where each other is coming from or know who each other are we are a very tight-knit student body.” - Emily, 12th Grade
“You can help someone tie their shoelace.” - Rylinn, 3rd Grade
“Here at school, our student body is good at looking outwards. We all want to help each other. We look out for each other and help each other out” - Jessi, 11th Grade
“Make friends and be nice to other people.” - Andy, 1st Grade
“You can open the door for someone or say hi, invite them to sit by you at lunch, and play with them.” - Joni, 6th Grade

These simple acts of kindness and definitions leave a big impact on those around them. Mother Teresa once said, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

Thank you, CCSD students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members for spreading kindness and making our community a happier place!