Congratulations to Nicole James, the Teacher of the Year for Nibley Elementary!


Congratulations to Nicole James, who has been named Nibley Elementary’s 2018-19 Teacher of the Year! Although she has only been teaching for three years, James jumped right in and hit the ground running. She joined in working with Nibley’s after-school program, assisted their school counselor, and helped with the leadership program. She was able to do all of these things while simultaneously earning her Master’s degree. Her lesson plans are unique and dynamic, including everything from hatching brine shrimp to baking brownies.

As a teacher, she is passionate about helping her students develop a growth mindset and instilling in them a love for learning. “Having a growth mindset allows students to understand the potential that they have and the power that they have to reach it,” James expressed. “The most fulfilling thing is the look a student gets when they have been struggling with something and they finally get it. It is so rewarding to see how their hard work pays off.”

James’ colleagues recognize the impact her passion for teaching has in her classroom. “She has an infectious love for what she does,” shared a coworker of James. “She goes the extra mile for our students. She is a champion for them over and over again.”

Nibley Elementary principal Kelly Rindlisbacher believes that James’ maturity and past experiences have helped her to be a good teacher. “She is dedicated, hard-working, selfless, and has a great relationship with her students,” Rindlisbacher said of James. “Nicole has been at our school for three years. From the beginning, I have always told her: you were never a first-year teacher.”