Green Canyon band director, Randall Beach, awarded prestigious Sorenson Legacy Award


On the 26th of April, Randall Beach, Director of Bands at Green Canyon High School, received the Sorenson Legacy Award for Excellence in Arts Education. Beach began his teaching career 28 years ago and has taught in Cache County School District for the past 10 years. He was band director for eight years at Sky View High School before heading over to Green Canyon High School, where he has created a top state program.

The Sorenson Legacy Award is given to selected nominees around the state, with the purpose of recognizing outstanding art education in Utah’s public schools. It aims to “distinguish those educators who embrace the arts with excellence in their practice.” Along with receiving the physical award, a cash award of $2,500 is given, with an additional $2,500 awarded to the recipient's school/district for the purpose of supporting the arts program.

Dave Swenson, the principal at Green Canyon High School, believes that paramount to Beach’s success are the high expectations he has for each student and his commitment to holding them responsible for reaching their potential.  He explained, “Watching [Beach] conduct a practice is like watching a masterpiece unfold.”

CCSD Superintendent Steve Norton praised Randall by saying, “I have worked with thousands of teachers and staff members. In my opinion, he is one of the best. It is my firm belief that Randall has positively impacted the lives of many students both as a friend and as a teacher. His ability to reach into the lives of students is unparalleled. They rise to meet his expectations because of their love and respect for him.”

When asked his feelings about working with band students, Beach stated, “Working with the band students at Green Canyon High School is such a pleasure. I enjoy coming to work every day and associating with such wonderful young people!” He continued, “It is very rewarding to see students at this age achieve such great things. The process of becoming a great performer in a group such as our band at Green Canyon challenges students to do things they have never done before, to overcome their own weaknesses and insecurities, and develop greater confidence in themselves. They learn a very high level of trust in themselves and each other. The opportunities to learn... are so powerful. I believe it is a life-changing experience for most of them. They become better people and grow into very successful adults!”