Congratulations to Artus Amundson, the Teacher of the Year at Mountain Crest High School


Artus Amundson knows the impact of her teaching on students will last long beyond graduation. As a Family and Consumer Science teacher, Amundson teaches students skills that they will use throughout their lives. She has taught various classes during her 33 years as a teacher, but currently teaches Child Development, Early Childhood Education, Foods, and Interior Design at Mountain Crest High School. Her love of learning and her dedication to helping students develop essential life skills has earned her the title of Mountain Crest’s 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year.

Mountain Crest principal Teri Cutler explained, “Artus is a positive and uplifting colleague to be around. She has a great rapport with students and parents. Her fellow teachers appreciate her perspective and thoughtfulness, and she exemplifies kindness and is always helpful. She makes Mountain Crest a great place to be.”

Amundson believes that the most rewarding aspect of her job is watching students succeed when they didn’t think they could. She loves seeing her students take a concept from an assignment and then creatively make it their own. In her youth, she participated in the 4-H program and knew by the age of seventeen that she wanted to teach Family and Consumer Sciences. Her decision to become an educator was also influenced by her parents, grandmother, and a high school teacher. “It was my teacher’s example that solidified my desire to teach,” Amundson shared.

“Not only do the subjects I teach impact the lives of those that are eager to learn,” Amundson said, “but they directly impact the lives of future families. I truly enjoy helping my students find a love for learning and preparing them for their adult life.”