Safety Drills and DIR-S


Because safety is a top priority, our District Safety Committee and employees work hard to ensure and improve safety conditions for students, teachers, and staff members. To standardize and streamline school responses to emergencies, districtwide response protocols were established and added to individual school safety plans. These standardized emergency response protocols were recently redefined and improved to fit the needs of our students and possible emergencies.

Additionally, over the past three years, our district has partnered with a safety application known as DIR-S, as a means of notifying teachers, staff, and the local police in the event of an emergency. The DIR-S system allows for accessibility and easy communication during an emergency. Its features include the ability to report missing or found students and to mark locations as safe, unsafe, or needing medical attention. This permits police and first responders on the scene to respond to an emergency with more speed and accuracy.

Frequent drills and training are implemented across the district to prepare teachers, staff, and students on when and how to use the district emergency standard response protocols. These protocols, along with instructions, are posted in each classroom in the district as a reference for students and staff.

For more information on CCSD’s methods of contacting parents during an emergency, the family reunification process, and safety resources for students and parents, please visit the School Safety pages on our website.