Mountainside Elementary students portray Renaissance professions during fair


Earlier this month, sixth-grade students at Mountainside Elementary stepped back in time to recreate a Renaissance Fair for their school. In preparation for the event, teachers discussed the Renaissance with their classes and studied the various occupations that were prevalent at that time in history. Students were each assigned a profession to research and portray at the Fair. On the night of the Renaissance Fair, Mountainside students, families and community members were invited to visit various booths where the students, dressed in Renaissance costumes, presented information on the profession they had researched.

Teacher Lauri Anderson explained that a primary academic objective of the fair was to allow students to “get a better understanding of what life was like during the Middle Ages and Renaissance time. . . by experiencing life in the Renaissance for themselves.” Students expressed enjoyment at being able to show off the skills they learned and entertain younger students, as well as wear costumes and eat food inspired by the Renaissance period.

“I can see great value in doing this fair,” Anderson continued. “I always see the kids really step it up and do an awesome job of portraying their occupations and memorizing parts for skits. It brings our community together in support of the kids and their hard work.”

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