Sky View/Green Canyon team wins Utah "We the People" competition, will continue to national finals competition in Washington, D.C.


On February 14th, a team from Sky View and Green Canyon High Schools became the “We The People” state champions. The state competition was held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. As state champions, the team is headed to Washington, D.C. for the “We the People” National Finals competition at the end of April. The “We the People” team from Mountain Crest High School also performed very well in the state competition, coming in second place.

Starting in August, AP Government students worked individually and in groups for countless hours before and after school to prepare for “We the People” -- a rigorous speaking competition about the US Constitution. Team members broadened and developed their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution as they prepared to discuss complicated constitutional questions in front of judges. Students invested hours upon hours into researching, writing, collaborating, and presenting. Alumni of the program came back to help the students to prepare, assisting in any way they could.

For Sky View/Green Canyon “We the People” coach Andrea Thompson (who also formerly competed in “We the People” in high school), the benefits from participating in “We the People” have extended well beyond her high school years. “Students leave changed in the most wonderful of ways,” Thompson expressed. “They put their whole selves into it. It is astounding. These students end up being citizens who are involved and are valuable contributors to society and the world -- and that’s what it’s all about.”

The Sky View “We the People” team has won state for the last thirteen years in a row.  When Green Canyon opened in 2016, the two schools joined forces and created a hybrid team. “Our students work very, very hard,” Thompson explained. The team is led by both Mike Rigby (Green Canyon) and Andrea Thompson (Sky View). “He is willing to do anything to help his students succeed,” Thompson said of Rigby. Thompson also attributes “We the People’s” success to Sky View’s AP Government teacher, Vic Sorensen.

“Our students are so well prepared. I have been to several of their competitions and generally come away knowing that I was the least intelligent person in the room,” praised Sky View principal Mike Monson. “The way these students present the knowledge they have of the Constitution and government is remarkable.”

Congratulations to the students and coaches who have put countless hours, work, and dedication into “We the People.” We applaud your success in this highly rigorous and competitive event. Thank you for representing the district on a state and national level!