Congratulations to Stacey Pugh, the 2018-19 Teacher of the Year at Greenville Elementary


Whenever someone enters Stacey Pugh’s fourth-grade classroom, all of her students stand at their desks, face the incoming guest, and say in unison “Welcome!” When the guest leaves, they say, “Thank you, have a nice day!” Just as she teaches her students, Pugh strives to help everyone she comes in contact with to feel valued and loved. “I believe that when students feel loved, they are more willing to learn,” Pugh explained. Her commitment to helping her students learn and grow is one reason among many that Stacey Pugh has received Greenville Elementary’s 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year award.

“She works incredibly hard for her students and takes time to get to know them individually. She learns what they need both academically and emotionally,” praised Greenville principal Dee Ashcroft. “She goes above and beyond in her preparation and instruction on their behalf--there isn't anyone more deserving of this award than Stacey Pugh. She truly is an example of the educator and person that we all aspire to be.“

Pugh loves to see the change in her students as they grow and develop. “I feel so grateful to be a teacher when I see the light bulb come on in the student's eyes as they learn a new skill. It empowers them,” she explained. “I also love being able to help them grow and accomplish new things. I want each student to know that they have someone who believes in their success.”

Pugh is a phenomenal teacher and she has taken the role of “student” yet again as she has gone back to school to pursue her Master’s degree. “She constantly seeks to improve herself so that she can benefit others with her knowledge,” continued Ashcroft. “Her expertise in teaching has given her the ability to improve curriculum not only in her classroom but at the district level.”

Cache County School District is grateful for teachers such as Stacey Pugh who show dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for their students. Thank you for continuing to make our district a great place to learn!