Thayne Weston has been named the 2018-19 Teacher of the Year at Spring Creek Middle School


Thayne Weston has been named Spring Creek Middle School’s 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year. Turns out that being a great teacher runs in his family! Growing up, Weston’s mother was a teacher in the valley; through her example, she introduced the idea of teaching as a profession to him. He liked the idea of having a career where he could continue to learn and help others to learn as well. I wanted to do something that would give me a sense of value and make a difference in other peoples’ lives,” Weston explained. “Following my mom's footsteps into teaching seemed like a great career choice for me--luckily I was correct! This is what I enjoy doing.”

Blake Pickett, Spring Creek’s principal, counts the students at Spring Creek blessed to have Weston as a teacher. “He is an outstanding educator who has the ability to motivate students to learn,” Pickett shared. Weston has been teaching History at Spring Creek for 8 years. He currently teaches seventh grade Utah History and eighth grade US History. Pickett describes Weston as a “marvelous teacher.” Weston is passionate about helping students learn history. He loves to see students excited about learning new things and enjoys seeing them come up with their own interpretations and thoughts about the material.

“He is the teacher we all want for our kids,” Pickett explained. “He instills his students with a love of learning, a love of critical thinking, reading, debate, discussion, and writing. He is a leader in our school.” The skills students learn in Weston’s classroom will continue to help them throughout the rest of their school and professional careers. “I hope they are learning not only history but life skills that translate into future success,” Weston shared.

Thank you, Mr. Weston, for your dedication and hours of unseen work put into your students’ learning and success within the Cache County School District.