Sept. 22nd is a Professional Development Day

Each year, Cache County School District hosts two professional development days for teachers. This Friday, September 22, will mark the first. While your student is at home, CCSD educators will spend their day listening, learning, and collaborating in order to strengthen their skills in the classroom.

Tim Smith, CCSD Chief Academic Officer, explained, “Professional development is an important aspect of any job. Our teachers are constantly upgrading their skills and striving to learn new strategies to be more effective in their craft.”

As part of the Professional Development Day, elementary school teachers will be divided into different sessions based on their grade level. In these sessions, they will receive further training in both the Math and Language Arts curriculums. Secondary school teachers will meet at their respective schools to finalize the transition into the secondary settings. Additionally, all educators will have the chance to attend a Professional Learning Communities workshop focused on the importance of team collaboration.  The workshop will be taught by Ken Williams, an educational coach and speaker.