Now Enrolling: Utah Students Connect, an online option for CCSD students

Over the past three years, students from Cache County School District have had the opportunity to take high school courses online utilizing the educational program Utah Students Connect.  Utah Students Connect is a consortium of seven Utah school districts, including Cache, Davis, Jordan, Murray, Nebo, Park City and Tooele. This year, with 1,654 students enrolled statewide, Utah Students Connect has proved that it is growing in both popularity and importance.  

Through Utah Students Connect, CCSD students in grades 9-12 have access to 24 courses, ranging from mathematics to physical education. The online courses are free for students who are enrolled in first-time credits. The classes are completed via Canvas, an online interactive education software which allows each student to work at their own pace.

Each online class is facilitated by a teacher from one of the seven participating districts, and the curriculum is written to the Utah Core.  Although students are not physically in a classroom, they are able to receive much of the help and instruction that they would in a traditional classroom setting.

Students choose this method of study for various reasons.  Some are non-traditional students whose health circumstances or participation in professional sports teams require an adaptation to their study hours.  Others are recovering lost credits or just hoping to get ahead in school. Utah Students Connect offers a quality educational experience with flexibility for schedules and circumstances.

“I appreciate that the district has made this option available for non-traditional students,” said one CCSD parent whose child earned credits through Utah Students Connect. "This program really helped my daughter stay on track despite the anxiety which kept her from attending class her Junior year.”

When asked how Utah Students Connect has impacted his education, one Ridgeline High School student responded, “I had a very positive experience when I was using USC because I was struggling with school.  I was able to do a lot of my classes online and it was less stressful for me to do it that way."

Through Utah Students Connect, CCSD students have enrolled in approximately 300 online courses, and the program is still enrolling students for this academic year.  If you are interested in learning more about Utah Students Connect, please talk with your school counselor or visit: