Cache County School District

Congratulations to Providence Elementary's Teacher of the Year: Debbie Rees

Debbie Rees was chosen as Providence Elementary’s Teacher of the Year for going the extra mile, and for helping other teachers to succeed. Trudy Wilson, the principal of Providence Elementary, appreciates Rees’ willingness to pitch in and help wherever she’s needed.  “One of Debbie’s greatest strengths is that she is an extremely hard worker,” said Wilson. “She has taken on extra assignments from the CEA, district committees and school committees.  The district also calls on her to do a lot of their teaching. She really empowers new teachers to try new things.”

Rees recognizes the far-reaching impact of her work as a teacher.  “I appreciate the value of a school,” she explained.  “It brings me great satisfaction knowing that what I do in the classroom will impact not just one child, but potentially an entire community if I effectively inspire and cultivate a young mind.”  

Which attributes does Rees strive for as an educator?  “Modeling perseverance, tolerance, and positivity with every child I teach, gives me hope that their lives and mine will be better for it,” she said.

Debbie Rees, teacher