Cache County School District

Changes for North Cache 8-9 Center and Park Elementary

The 2017-18 school year will see big changes for Cache County School District’s north-end schools.  A new high school and the reconfiguration of grade levels across elementary, middle and high schools have created the need for some adjustments.  

North Cache 8-9 center will become North Cache Middle School and will house seventh and eighth graders.  North Cache students will feed into both Sky View and Green Canyon High Schools. In an effort to be neutral to both schools, the decision has been made to adopt a new mascot and retire North Cache’s current Bobcat mascot. North Cache will be going back to its roots by reintroducing the North Cache Bulldog.

Terry Williams, the principal of North Cache, commented, “Throughout most of its history, and during its different configurations, North Cache has used the Bulldog as its mascot. Parents, students, community and the Cache County School Board are supportive of this change.”

Another change in the district is that Park Elementary will change its name. Next year, Park Elementary will be moving into the building where White Pine Middle School is currently located. A vote was taken and the students chose to adopt the name White Pine Elementary. However, the school will keep its original mascot, the Eagle.

These changes were voted on and made official during the February 2nd CCSD Board Meeting.