Cache County School District

Young Writers and Artists Fest Recognizes Exceptional Students and Their Art

The annual Young Writers and Artists Fest took place on Wednesday, March 8th at the USU Conference Center. Its goal is to recognize young artists and writers for their creativity and learning. Middle school students from all around Cache Valley participate by submitting art and writing entries to their teachers. Many schools from Cache County School District participated, including White Pine, North Cache, Cedar Ridge, Spring Creek, and South Cache.

Students whose work was selected to represent their schools were invited to attend the event. About 300 students participated this year. Their art was showcased at the USU Conference Center, where they were able to be publicly recognized for their talents. The art consisted of paintings, drawings, ceramics, paper mache, and more.

This year the Fest’s main guest speaker was Mike Knudsen, an author of children’s books, including Dancing Dudes, Cool Campers, and Loaded Bases. He spoke with the students about creativity and the writing process. His presentation was inspiring and helped students to see what they could be capable of achieving.

Other speakers and instructors came from various parts of the arts industry to help participants improve upon their artistic talents.  Students attended a variety of workshops, where they learned how to create fashion items out of everyday materials, tried their hand at print screening, and went to writing workshops.  During the writing workshops, students read excerpts of their work and received constructive criticism from literary professionals.

Students also had the opportunity to submit their art to the Fest’s Annual Logo Contest. This year the theme was “The Power of One.” There were many submissions throughout the district, but this year Samantha, from South Cache, was announced as the winner and was awarded a $50 cash prize. Her art was placed on the t-shirts that students participating in the Fest were given. (Her Picture is Below.)

Wynnde Whittier and her staff did a phenomenal job at organizing the event and providing a place for students to appreciate and participate in the arts. She shared, “It is a really great event. I’m glad that I get to be a part of it. I like that it recognizes both writers and artists in our district.”  Whittier continued, “I hope that it continues to grow, and that we can see more artists from each school get to participate in the future.”

Cache County School District is proud of its creative students and appreciates teachers that go above and beyond to make events, such as this one, successful.


This event also appeared in the Herald Journal and can be accessed here:Herald Journal article

Writers Fest student  This year's Young Writers and Artists Fest winning logo and its artist.

Writers Fest student  A student reads an excerpt of his writing.

Art at Festival  Art displayed at the Fest.

Writers Fest speaker  Children's author Mike Knudsen.

Student making costume  A mother helps her daughter create a skirt out of recycled items.