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Online Learning Information and Registration

As part of our Reopening Plan for the 2020-21 School Year, students will be given the option to learn online from home instead of returning to school in person. Parents may choose this at-home online school option for grades K-12. All online classes will be taught by a licensed teacher. 


With the online learning option:

  • All coursework and assignments will be completed from home. It is anticipated that parents will play a strong role helping to support online learning.
  • Elementary students will be enrolled in classes based on grade level. Middle school students will be enrolled by course. High school students will be enrolled by course according to preference and graduation requirements.
  • Online learning will not include all of the same class options as students may have for in-person instruction, but will include the essentials.
  • Elementary online school will be offered through Cache Students Connect. K-6 courses will include instruction in English Language Arts (reading and writing), math, science, and library media/digital citizenship. (Click here for a Cache Students Connect informational flyer.)
  • Secondary (middle and high school) online school will be offered through Utah Students Connect, which offers a quality education with highly-qualified Utah teachers and innovative curriculum written to the Utah Core. These online courses provide students with a more flexible approach to learning and increase their ability to choose what, when, and where they learn. (Click here for a Utah Students Connect informational flyer.)
  • Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs will not be available for online learning. However, provision will be made to re-enroll students in a DLI program if the student returns to in-person instruction.
For registration information for Cache Students Connect online for grades K-6, contact Marie Hansen at or 435-752-3925 ext: 2068
For registration information for Utah Students Connect online for grades 7-12, contact your school counselor.