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CTE Classes Prepare Students for Multiple Facets of Post-Grad Life



Career and Technical Education programs are designed to help graduating high school students enter the workforce armed with the skills and resources necessary to succeed in their field of study. In Kaye Dawn Falslev’s CTE class at Sky View High School, she does exactly that. Each day, Falslev strives to teach her students interpersonal and personal skills that will benefit them not only in their lives at school, but in their current and future home lives, personal lives, and professional lives. Her philosophy is that no matter what career path a student chooses, the skills learned in her classes will benefit them.


CTE classes teach skills such as woodworking, agriculture, sewing, communication, and life skills. Falslev teaches Adult Roles and Financial Lit and Human Growth and Development. She also manages the student intern program. “My class focuses on relationships. Relationships with yourself, family, colleagues, those you date, and more,” Falslev explained. “We are all in a developmental stage -- I tell my students that their parents are still in a developmental stage. We are all going through social, emotional and physical changes. In my class, we look at human needs from a physical, emotional, and mental standpoint.”


By understanding the dynamics of families and setting goals for their future, Sky View students are getting a headstart at life. “It doesn’t matter what profession you’re going into, the things you learn in this class will matter in your home, personal life, and professional life,” Falslev shared. “Learning to master human relationships in your own life can help students better understand people they will be working with. Whoever your client or boss or customer is, the things we learn about in class are happening in their lives. It is all very applicable in any career and in personal life.” As they finish Falslev’s class, students leave with a personal binder filled with useful and practical information that can be referred to for the rest of their lives. And guess what? Students do refer back to it!


Emily Lyman, Sky View alumni, speaks highly of Falslev’s CTE classes and what they taught her in preparation for her future. “I still have that binder that we created in class and I have referred to it many times,” Lyman shared. “For one assignment, we were each asked to do research for one big class project. We had to research rent costs and tour apartments, find the individual costs of each part of a wedding, and keep track of our work. At the end of the month-long project, if we hadn’t stayed within budget, we had to redo each task to stay within the budget. This was a great way to teach us about the real-life costs and experiences associated with adulthood.”


Lyman continued, “Mrs. Falslev’s Adult Roles class continues to positively impact my life on a regular basis. She taught us through work, stories, and personal life experiences. I’m so grateful for the chance I had to learn from her and will continue to use my knowledge from her class throughout my adult life.”


Students in CTE classes get a headstart on preparing to pay for college tuition and housing, budgeting their income, improving relationships, and also learn about anticipating adjustments from high school life to early adulthood and parenthood. With CTE educators like Kaye Dawn Falslev giving students the education and resources to think more deeply about the world and people around them, graduates from Cache County School District will continue to be a valuable asset to our community’s workforce.