• COVID-19 Information

    There have been some recent changes from the State to quarantine and threshold protocols for public schools. To view a summary of these changes, please visit Utah COVID-19 School Manual Summary. To access the entire manual, visit Utah COVID-19 School Manual.

    Due to these changes, CCSD will only be offering COVID-19 testing for employees and for students participating in athletics/extracurricular activities. For more information, click here: www.ccsdut.org/COVIDtesting 

Current COVID-19 Case Count

  • As of April 13, 2021, there are six active COVID-19 positive cases of CCSD students and/or staff. These individuals have been instructed to isolate at home according to state and local health department directives. For more information regarding state health department directives for positive cases in schools, please see the UT Health Department COVID-19 School Manual.


    To view numbers by school, please click here: CCSD Positive COVID-19 Cases by School.


    Numbers for positive cases of CCSD students and/or staff are updated weekly. For best viewing on mobile devices, click the "View Full Site" option.