Changing Your Child's Contacts in PowerSchool

  • Parents, you can request for the school to update the parental and emergency contacts for your child by completing the following steps:


     1.  Using the website (not using the app), log into your Parent PowerSchool account. (Again, please use a browser for this, not the App.)


    Screenshot 1 2.  Inside the Parent Portal for PowerSchool you will see your child(ren)'s name(s) at the top of the screen.  Click the tab for the child for whom the contact information should be updated. The children’s name in the example on the right are CYNTest and RDGTest.


    3.  Click on Forms in the left Navigation.Screenshot 2


    4.  Screenshot 3 Click on the form “CCSD Update 3 - Parent Emergency Contact and Address Information” from the list of forms.  This will take you to the form itself.








    5.  The top section of the form shows the contact information that is already in PowerSchool for the child selected in step 2. The data shown is informational so you can see what currently exists so you can better determine what needs to be changed.

    Screenshot 4


    6.  Screenshot 5 If you are associated with other children in PowerSchool, other children will display below the information. You can choose to apply this same contact information to additional children by checking the box next to that child’s name. By applying this contact information to additional children, you only need to complete this information once.


    7.  Next you will see the instructions on how to update, add, or remove contacts. You will enter the contact information you want changed in the gray area below the instructions.


    8.  Screenshot 6 The first box in the gray is the “Update Type” box, Use the dropdown to set whether you are updating, adding, or removing a contact for your child:



    9.  Continue to fill out the necessary information for the type of change selected in Step 8.

    10.  If you would like to update, add or remove another contact for this same child, click the “Add Row” button at the bottom and an additional gray area will appear for you to repeat the process. You can continue to add rows until you have updated all of the desired contacts.

    Screenshot 7

    11. When you have updated all of the contacts, click the “Submit” button at the bottom to submit the form.