If you are wanting to register your child for Kindergarten and he/she is already enrolled in a Cache District Preschool (your student is currently attending a preschool located in one of the Cache County School District buildings), you already have a PowerSchool account and simply need to complete the following steps:  (Important NOTE:  Your child will not automatically advance to Kindergarten.  The steps below are required.)


    STEP 1:  Log into your PowerSchool parent account on a computer (not using the phone/tablet app) by clicking here.

    - If you cannot remember your PowerSchool username or password, click here for help.


    STEP 2:  If you have more than one student in Cache County School District, click on your Preschooler's name at the top in the tabs.  If this is your only child in the district, you will only have one tab available and it will be for that child.


    STEP 3:  Click on the Forms link on the left.  Click on the "CCSD Kindergarten Registration for Preschool Students" form and complete the information on that page.  Update Forms 1 - 3, as needed.

    - The following update forms are also available.  Please complete any form(s) for which the data has changed since your student enrolled in preschool.

    CCSD Update Form 1 - Student Address Information

    CCSD Update Form 2 - Optional Student Contact Information

    CCSD Update Form 3 - Parent Emergency Contact and Address Information


    STEP 4:  Gather the required documents listed below and bring them to the school before March 31. 

    - Immunization Records - Your child should receive all necessary immunizations before registration and prior to child’s 5th birthday.

    Click here to view the Official Immunization Guidebook.  If you have any questions about immunizations, please contact the school your student will be attending.

    - Proof of Residency - Needed only if you have recently moved or are moving.  Otherwise, these are not required.

    Residency documents must include at least one document from each of the following columns:


    Residency Screenshot

    (The name and address on these documents from Column A and B must match the name and address of the parent of the student being registered.)

    If you have any residency questions, we have a Frequently Asked Questions page you can review by clicking here