• Dual Language Immersion for Grades 7-12:

    After students complete 6th grade, courses will be available in the middle and high school levels for students to continue their dual immersion language study.  In grades 7-9, students should register for a DLI Honors Language course (a two trimester course for a total of 1.0 credit) and a DLI Culture and Media Course (a one trimester course for a total of .5 credit).    After completing the 9th grade language course, students will have the option to take the AP Language exam. Students who pass the AP exam are then eligible to register for 3000-level university courses known as The Bridge Project in grades 10-12 (any non-DLI student who passes the AP Language test may also enter the Bridge Project courses).  

    The secondary pathway looks like this:

    DLI secondary course sequencing

    The following link will take you to more information on the high school DLI Bridge program:

    The Bridge Project  

    **A parent information meeting will be held for all parents in December or January of their child's 6th grade year (before registration for middle school begins) to provide detailed information of the transition into secondary dual language immersion**



  • Cache County School District Secondary DLI

    School Progression

    Secondary Schools DLI

    Secondary DLI Timeline


    Please contact Shauna Winegar with any questions or for further information:

    shauna.winegar@ccsdut.org / 435-752-3925 ext. 5500