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Cache County School District Social Studies

  • Cache County School District (CCSD) Social Studies are essential to understanding the complexity of the world. Social Studies provides the context and understanding of how humans interact with each other and with the environment over time. They offer the crucial knowledge needed to create a framework for understanding the systems of society.   CCSD's curriculum is based on Utah's Core Standards and covers a variety of topics including Community, Cache Valley history, Utah State history, United States history, World History, Geography and more.

Secondary Curriculum

  • GRADES 7-12
    Cache County School District (CCSD) uses different texts for various Social Studies Courses.  CCSD is also currently working on a district-developed curriculum for specific courses.

    The following courses are currently taught in CCSD secondary schools:   


    - Utah Studies
    - Ancient World History 
    - Modern World History
    - Government
    - Geography for Life
    - World Civilizations
    - US History
    - ESL US History
    - Sports Psychology
    - Psychology I & II
    - Psychology 1010
    - Sociology
    - Humanities
    - Humanities 1320
    - Current Issues
    - Political Science 1010
    - History 1700
    - AP US Government & Politics
    - AP US History
    - AP European History

    UTJourney World Geography  American Republic  Modern World History  World History  Sociology


Civics Test

  • Effective January 1, 2016, by the Utah State Legislature, every public school student must pass a basic civics test, or alternate assessment (as determined by the LEA), as a condition for receiving a high school
    diploma in the state of Utah.

    Students must pass a test comprised of 50 questions selected from the 100 questions on the United States Customs and Immigration Service civics assessment.  Students must pass with a minimum of 70%.

    This assessment will be made available to secondary students beginning in 8th grade.  Students can take the assessment as many times as necessary in order to pass.