Registration Forms

  • Enrolling a New Student

    If you are interested in enrolling a new student at Spring Creek Middle School, you will need to start the process online by visiting the district website.  Once you have filled out the application online, you can bring in the necessary documents for verfication of residency, identity, and imunizations.  Patty Bigelow is our registrar and can help you through the process if you have questions, 753-6200 ext. 3160.

    Registering For Classes

    Students registering for 7th grade should have received registration materials from their 6th grade teachers if they are attending Moutainside, Providence, Greenville, North Park, or River Heights elementary schools.  Class selections were made using PowerSchool.  We have many new students coming in for next year.  Students who are joining us from other schools will need to fill out the registration materials and return them to our school.

    Students registering for 8th grade will request courses through PowerSchool, using their login information.  The registration portal will remain open through the week of spring break.  Instructions on how to select courses using PowerSchool can be found below.  After the portal is closed students will have to contact their counselor to make any additional selections.  Parents are welcome to login and verify their students' course selections.

    Electronic copies of important registration materials can be found below.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Parent Input

    We welcome parent input regarding student placement in classes and with teachers.  Parental Input forms must be returned to the school for those who wish to express teacher requests/avoids, extenuating circumstances, student needs, or concerns.  Specific class requests cannot be guaranteed, but we will make every effort to work with students and families to make sure concerns are addressed.  Parents may also schedule an appointment to speak directly with their child's counselor by calling 753-6200.

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