Immunization Registration Requirement


    All schools in Cache District follow State of Utah Immunization Guidelines and Requirements as a condition of school enrollment.
    Official Copy Immunization Guidebook
    Certificate of Immunization Required - Title 53A  Chapter 11  Part 3  Section 301
    • Unless exempted for personal, medical, or religious objections as provided in Section 53A-11-302, a student may not attend a public, private, or parochial kindergarten, elementary, or secondary school through grade 12, nursery school, licensed day care center, child care facility, family care home, or headstart program in this state unless there is presented to the appropriate official of the school a certificate of immunization from a licensed physician or authorized representative of the state or local health department stating that the student has received immunization against communicable diseases as required by rules adopted under Section 53A-11-303.
    • School districts may not receive weighted pupil unit money for a student unless the student has obtained a certificate of immunization under this section or qualifies for conditional enrollment or an exemption from immunization under Section 53A-11-302
    Conditional enrollment - Suspension for noncompliance - Procedure - Title 53A  Chapter 11  Part 3  Section 306
    • Conditional enrollment time periods may be modified by the department by legally adopted rules
    • The requirements for conditional enrollment shall apply to each student unless that student is exempted under Section 53A-11-302.
    • After five days written notice of a pending suspension and of the student's rights under Section 53A-11-302 shall be mailed to the last-known address of a parent, guardian, or legal age brother or sister of a student who is without parent or guardian, the governing authority of any school shall prohibit further attendance by a student under a conditional enrollment who has failed to obtain the immunization required within time period set forth in Section 53A-11-302 or otherwise established by rule.
    • Parents or guardians of children who are prohibited from attending school for failure to comply with the provisions of this part shall be referred to the juvenile court
    For additional questions and assistance concerning immunization requirements, please contact school secretary or District Nurses at (435) 752-3925.