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    Magic Auditions due by May 15th

    Hey Mustangs!!!
    Auditions for the Magic Chamber Choir are here!!!
    Lucky for you it's even easier to audition this year than before!!

    How do I audition?  

    The first thing you should do is follow this link to the audition application and fill it out. (

    Next you should pick a song:

    Students should prepare one minute of music of their choice (good choices include Broadway, decade songs from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc., or a folk song, art song or Aria) to sing for their audition. In addition, everyone will sing the first verse of My Country Tis of Thee.  

     An accompaniment track for My Country Tis of Thee can be found here:

    Once you're ready you can join our google classroom with code: 6jxesbl 
    From here you can view the judging rubric, few tips for your audition, and can submit both of your videos!
    Contact Ms. Lamb if you have any questions.



    Wow - what a crazy couple of weeks are coming up - I will be putting things here in my website and also on Canvas.  I will try to keep up on emails and I as soon as I set up office hours on google, I will let you know when they will be.  Keep practicing!  I am still planning on concerts at the end of May until I hear differently. 



    The metropolitan opera is streaming some of their most popular and famous operas - check it out here:


     Need some help with music theory try these:



             Let me know if you find more and I will add them here

    Let me know if you have other great music resources














    Please come and support our music department!

    Orchestra scale test