• History of CCSD Schools

Cache Valley History

  • Peter Maughan

    Peter Maughan - Founder of Wellsville

    Jim Bridger - Fur Trapper

    Jim Bridger - Early Fur Trapper

    The name "Cache Valley" resulted from fur trappers who cached their furs and supplies in the valley during their explorations of the valley in the early 1800's.  Before that time Shoshone Indians frequented this area.

    Brigham Young directed settlers to Cache Valley in 1855 when a group with Bryant Stringham drove cattle to the valley in July at Haw Spring.  Because of the harsh winter of 1855-56 cattle driven back to Salt Lake ended that enterprise.

    Peter Maughan then sent in 1856 built  Maughan's Fort later becoming the city of Wellsville.  Other towns and settlements came after as new settlers arrived.

    USU Old Main

    The arrival of the Utah Northern Railroad in 1873 extended the markets for agricultural products in the valley.

    However, the founding of Utah State University in 1888, a land-grant agricultural college, changed the future of Cache Valley.

The History of Cache County School District

  • Cache County School District has a rich history of dedicated administrators, teachers, and staff.  From its humble beginnings in 1908, the district has grown to include 17 elementary schools, three middle schools, four high schools and an alternative high school.