• Each month staff members have the opportunity to recognize hard working students in the classroom.

    Selection include some of the following key points:

    *Student is a good citizen here at NC

    *Student is making an honest effort in his/her classes

    *Student tries to get along with others and treats others with respect

    *Show improvement in the above areas

    Nominees are voted by the entire staff. Eight students, four 8th and four 7th grade students are chosen. Winners will have a short write up in the display case and their photo on our website. 


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NC Bulldog

  • Beginning in November we are starting a "Citizen of the Month". There will be two additional students nominated and chosen by our staff each month who get to go to lunch with the "Students of the Month." This is a student who has done something kind for someone else, or just have a moment of awesomeness. We want to reward outstanding moments! Their photos are also on display in the Commons. 

    These are students who are being the difference.