• Mountain West String Academy (MWSA)
    1st & 2nd Year orchestra
    Sara Anderson (Director)
    Hello Orchestra Students and Parents!
    Here are some Practicing ideas for this week:
    Test your note reading knowledge with Staff Wars! You may need to enable Adobe flash player for this website: http://www.themusicinteractive.com/kbe/Chromebook/index.html
    Let me know what level you get to!
    Other things to practice:
    Scales (1 octave for first years, 2 octaves for second years, D, G, C)
    Fiddler's Frolic
    Mountain West Theme (First Years that are interested in Auditioning for Ambassadors next year should start working on the second year part. Those parts can be found here: https://www.mountainweststrings.com/p/mountain-west-theme.html)
    First Years: 
    Orchestra Expressions: Bile them Cabbage Down, Ode to Joy, We will Rock you
    Second Years:
    Arco's Blues
    Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns! I sure miss my classes! I look forward to hearing how far in Staff Wars you can get!
    Sara Anderson


    2nd years Monday and Wednesday

    1st years Tuesday and Thursday