• Mountain West String Academy (MWSA)
    1st & 2nd Year orchestra
    Sara Anderson (Director)
    Thank you so much for all you have been doing to support your kids in orchestra this year! They have been doing so well, and the majority of that is because of support at home! I hope to see all of them back for second years next year!
    Second year registration is now open and available at this link: http://www.mountainweststrings.com/p/2nd-year-registration-2019-2020.html
    I also would love to have the majority of the class audition for the Ambassador program next year! Any of them could do it if they get a private teacher and practice through the summer. Here is a link to the private teacher list: http://www.mountainweststrings.com/p/private-teacher-list.html 
    Even if your child is not interested in being in ambassadors next year, I would still highly recommend taking lessons through the summer in order to keep learning and not forget what they have learned this year.
    The requirements for being an ambassador are here: http://www.mountainweststrings.com/p/ambassador-requirements.html
    Thank you again for being so supportive of your kids! I look forward to their concert next week!

    Sara Anderson

    2nd years Monday and Wednesday

    1st years Tuesday and Thursday