Mountain Crest High School embraces the philosophy that regular attendance in class greatly enhances the learning opportunities of the individual student as well as the class as a whole.  The dynamics of interactive instruction and the interaction of students and teachers in a class, once lost, cannot be regained.  Frequent absences from the classroom disrupts the learning process for the student, the class, and the teacher.  Learning at a high level requires consistency and continuity of instruction.  This includes class participation, authentic study, and attendance.  Utah State law allows parents of students enrolled in public schools to excuse their students from school, but only for legitimate reasons such as illness, doctor/dentist appointments, family death, or a prior approved absence for a family activity.  All absences must be verified by parent/guardian within 5 school days of the absence, otherwise it is considered a truancy.  Once marked as a truancy, the absence may not be excused by a parent.


    Students are expected to be in all classes every day.  Students found in the halls or off campus during school without a legitimate excuse are considered truant.  A Parent may not call and excuse a student after the fact if their student is deemed by school officials as being truant.


    The FULL Attendance policy is shown below. 

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