Thank, you for making this a time of reflection and respect.  We love your students and want to enjoy this special evening with them. If you have questions or concerns, please call 792-7765 and ask, to talk with Mrs. Teri Cutler, Mr. Blair Powell or Mr. Doug Snow.



    *When is Graduation?
    Graduation is Thursday, May 31 at 7:00 PM, at the USU Dee Glen Smith Spectrum

    *What about graduation invitations & announcements? These are ordered from Josten’s.  

    *Where do I get a Cap & Gown? These are ordered from Josten’s. Caps & Gowns may be picked up on Senior Check Out Day, AFTER all fees are cleared. See Julie Call in the Main Office if you have any questions

    *Is there a Graduation Practice?
    Yes. It is Thursday, May 31 at 9:00 am. Buses board at 8:30 - you must ride the bus.

    It is required attendance if a senior wants to march in the ceremony that night — NO EXCEPTIONS!

    *Can I drive myself to graduation practice? - NO!  Buses will load in front of the school (South side) at 8:30 am

    All students must ride the bus from MC – this is a requirement of USU because there is not adequate parking at the university during the day.

    You will be ticketed by USU Police if you drive and park in any University parking lots.  

    *What will happen at Graduation Practice?  Graduates will practice the ceremony from start to finish: Where to sit, what time to report, how to march in, how to enter/exit the stage area to receive their diploma cover, how to exchange their cap/gown for their diploma.

    *Do I need Graduation Tickets?  No, there is plenty of room at the USU Spectrum.  There are, however, areas that will be blocked off with no seating allowed.

    MC faculty will be available to help. Faculty will be sitting with the graduates on the floor, in guest seating and will be stationed at other locations throughout the Spectrum.

    *What time do I have to be there? Graduates will report no later than 6:30 pm at the USU Spectrum.

    *When do the doors open for the public at Graduation? The USU Spectrum doors will open for graduates and parents at 6:30 pm.

    No one will be permitted to enter the Spectrum floor prior to 6:30 pm other than working staff. (Sky View has graduation right before MCHS, and will still be in the building.)

    *Is there anything I should know to tell my parents about taking pictures or videos of graduation?
    YES! It is Utah State University policy that NO ONE (except Graduates, Faculty, and Musicians) IS PERMITTED ON THE SPECTRUM FLOOR BEFORE, DURING, or AFTER THE GRADUATION CEREMONY.  Photos may be taken from the seating areas only. Mountain Crest High School abides by and will enforce this policy.

    *Senior Obligations/FEES?

    FEES:  All fees must be paid. If you have ANY outstanding fees, you cannot participate in the graduation ceremony with your class. A zero balance in the MC accounting office, (Steffanie or Amy at 792-7765, ext 5371) is required to walk across the stage at the graduation ceremony. You are welcome to send cash, check, or call with a credit card number. There will be a 3% fee added when using a credit cardMountain Crest accepts everything but American Express. 

    Fees must be PAID-IN-FULL no later than Friday, May 4.  You will not be allowed to march at graduation if your fees are not paid-in-full.

    PLEASE be sure you have no outstanding obligations.

    ACADEMIC CREDIT: Make sure you have enough credits an are on track for graduation. 

    Check with your counselor if you have any questions.

    Students who have unresolved FLEX class failures can not participate in graduation ceremonies.
    Students (and their parents) who are unable to participate in the ceremony due to inadequate classroom credits will be notified before graduation.


    *I heard something about dress code and graduation? Yes — for Graduation practice is a “day at school” so in order to participate (and thus be able to march at Graduation) you must be dressed in “school appropriate” attire to be permitted into the arena for Graduation practice.

    That evening at the Graduation ceremony CAPS & GOWNS and “best dress” is required.

    GRADUATING GENTLEMEN will wear dress slacks, dress shoes, and a dress shirt (button-down, collared).  Ties are suggested.

    GRADUATING LADIES will wear a dress or skirt/blouse with shoes. Heels? If you wear heels, we would recommend no higher than 2 inches. (Remember you will be walking up a long flight of stairs.)

    **Please remember to take the gowns out of the boxes before you come to the Spectrum – they do need to be IRONED.

    *Behavior at Graduation Anyone, adult or student, who disrupts or throws items (beach balls, bananas, candy, silly string, confetti, etc.) during the ceremony will be escorted from the building immediately by Cache County Sheriff’s Deputies and/or the USU Police.

    Students are expected to be on their best behavior. Performance etiquette is a MUST!

    Graduation is a Mountain Crest sponsored event, and thus falls within school rules and guidelines. It is a time of REFLECTION & RESPECT. It is NOT a ball game atmosphere-----we appreciate your help reflecting this positive direction.

    *Where do I sit at graduation?

    Students will be sitting in alphabetical order. Students with last names A-L will be seated on the South side of the Spectrum floor and students with last names M-Z will be seated on the North side of the Spectrum floor.

    A detailed Seating chart will be published the week before graduation.

    • EXEC, Representatives, Senior Class officers and speakers will be in the front rows.
    • Choir members will sit in section S, directly behind the stage.
    • Band/Orchestra members will be seated directly in front of the stage.
    • Students with last names A-L will be seated on the South side of the Spectrum floor.
    • Students with last names M-Z will be seated on the North side of the Spectrum floor.

    *Parking There shouldn't be any parking issues, since we have Graduation after the university closes for the day.  No one will be allowed to park in the lot that is directly adjacent to the West of the Spectrum (between the Spectrum and 800 East). There will be parking available in the lot to the South of the Logan City Cemetery (accessed from 1200 East).  This is the same lot where Handicapped Accessible parking is provided. There is also parking in the 'Yellow' lot that is North of the Spectrum by the Stadium.
    Students are REQUIRED to ride the school bus provided to practice.  If you try to drive yourself and park on campus for practice, you will be ticketed by USU Parking and MCHS cannot excuse these tickets.

    Utah State University requires that the following rules be enforced:

    • Balloons (of any kind) are NOT ALLOWED in the Spectrum! This is a Fire Code requirement.
    • Air Horns are NOT ALLOWED!
    • Parents will NOT be ALLOWED on the main floor of the Spectrum, at ANY TIME BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER the ceremony.
    • Pictures can be taken in upper foyer or outside, but not on the main floor at any point in the ceremony.
    • Younger children who attend need to remain in their seat. They CANNOT wander in the upper foyer/concession area.
    • Students will enter the Spectrum from the South and North tunnels. 
    • Students will exit up and out Section F to the outside.
    • Students will proceed out of the East Spectrum doors and proceed South to the patio that is directly East of the Champ Room and enter the Champ Room using the Northeast patio door.
    • Once exited from the main floor, no one can re-enter on the main floor seating area.
    • Parents are NOT ALLOWED in the Champ Room - there simply is no room.
    • Once students have picked up their diploma they will exit the Champ Room back to the patio area by the South door.  This by the HPER Field to the South of the Spectrum
    • Limited ADA/Accessible seating is available on the Spectrum floor.Individuals who require this seating should arrive by 6:30pm, the floor seating will close at 6:45 pm. Additional ADA/Accessible seating is also available on the Concourse.