• North Cache Middle School Counseling Services

    Plan for College and Career Readiness

    • Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR) Meetings:

      • Students and parents have the opportunity to meet with their counselor, discuss their post high plans, choose classes that will help prepare them for the future and review the steps they need to be taking now to be ready for college and careers. Held in College and Career Awareness classes in 7th grade and individually in 8th grade.  Parents are invited to attend. 

    • IEP Meetings

    • 504 Meetings

    Collaborative Classroom Instruction

    • Physical and Mental Health Classroom Presentations

    • Keys to Success Presentations

    • College and Career Awareness lessons to all 7th grade students

    • Presentations in ESL Tutorial classes

      • Activities designed to teach students about leadership skills, academic success strategies, and college opportunities

    • College Week:

      • Activities designed to build the college going culture at North Cache

    • Red Ribbon Week

      • Activities are designed to instruct students about the dangers of drug and alcohol use.

    • Hope Week:

      • Activities with the Hope Squad members to teach the student body about the warning signs of suicide, how to help peers, and mental health self-care

    Systemic Approach to Dropout Prevention with Social/Emotional Supports

    • AMP homeroom:

      • An intervention for students struggling academically to help them utilize homeroom with additional adult mentor supports and improve their grades and study habits.

    • Educational Groups

    • Individual supports working with students on improving academic success