• Mountain Crest High School Driver Education Information



    **Students are required to have a valid Utah Driving Permit before enrolling in a Driver Ed Course. Students should complete the permit exam when they turn 15 years old. They should also begin completing their 40 hours of driving with a parent or guardian once they pass the permit exam.

    You can schedule a permit exam appointment at https://dld.utah.gov/learner-permit/


    Students should plan to complete the Driver Ed course the session before they turn 16 years old. Registration dates should be adjusted based on birth date and trimester completion date. 

    December, January and February birthdays should take Driver Ed first trimester.

    March, April and May birthdays should take Driver Ed second trimester.

    June, July and August birthdays should take Driver Ed third trimester.

    September, October and November birthdays should take Driver Ed Summer or third trimester.


    Mountain Crest High School offers trimester long courses each trimester built into the student’s school schedule. Registration can be completed with your student’s counselor. The fee for this course is $155.00.

    An online option is also available based on driving instructor availability. This option is limited and available on a first come first serve basis. The course is offered through AAA and must be completed within 90 days.  Online courses will be offered each trimester of the school year. The fee for this course is $210.00.

    Summer Driver Ed will be offered each summer. This course requires 27 hours of instruction over a two week period. Students must be present for ALL class sessions. Space for this class is limited and based on a first come first serve basis. Registration for summer will open in the month of March. The fee for this course is $185.00.



    Trimester Courses: Contact your school counselor for registration.

    Online Courses: Third trimester online registration will begin February 1. Use the following form to register. https://forms.gle/tGXN8za2As1fWFRM8

    Please note you are not enrolled until the fee has been paid at the finance office. Use the link below to pay the course fee. https://ccsdut.schoolcashonline.com/Fee/Details/16542/259/False/True

    Summer Course: The summer session will run Monday- Friday, June 3-13 from 8am -11am daily. Students are required to attend all class periods. Please note: You are not enrolled until the form is completed and paid using this link. There are only 70 spots available. You must have your Driver's Permit in order to sign up.


    For further questions regarding Mountain Crest's Drivers Education Program, please contact our department head: Jesse Parker