• Lunch Prices: $2.05 Student/child.
    (as of Aug. '19)    $ .35 milk
                            $3.65 Adult

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    Lunch Schedule by Grade/Teacher

    All Day Kindergarten-   12:10-12:45

    Mrs. Buie
    Mrs. Weiszhaar
    Ms. Yahne


    1st Grade-   12:15-12:50

    Ms. Porter    
    Mrs. Stanko    
    Mrs. Wood

    2nd Grade-   11:30-12:05

    Mrs. Coleman    
    Ms. Israelsen    

    Mrs. Mecham

    3rd Grade-   12:20-12:55

    Mr. Greene
    Mrs. Eliason    

    Mrs. Whelan

    4th Grade-   12:00-12:35

    Ms. Jeppson    
    Mrs. Wilkes     

    5th Grade-   11:50-12:25

    Mrs. Pugh
    Mrs. Soule    

    6th Grade-   11:40-12:15

    Ms. McDade
    Mrs. Vazquez   

    Mrs. Wirthlin   



Open lunch box w/ lunch