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Welcome to My Home Page!  If you are here, it probably means you are in my math class, lucky you!  My goal with this site is to provide a resource to you, to keep you informed, and keep in touch.  If you have major problems, feel free to call me.  My number at school is 245-6433, extension 1222.  I check my e-mail often, so that is a great way to contact me: .  But, if it is a simple question, hopefully you will find an answer here. 

Use the menu at the left to navigate this site.  The most important addresses to notice are the Secondary Math 1 and Resources pages.  These areas have important info for each subject. 

Here is a little info about me:  I was raised in Hyrum, and attended South Cache when it was a Junior High.  At that time, all the Cache County students had one high school, so I graduated from Sky View High School.  Go Bobcats!  I started out my college experience at USU but then transferred to Weber State to finish my Bachelors degree in Mathematics (major) and Chemistry (minor).  I taught for a few years in the North Summit School District, then taught at North Cache for 11 years.  In May, 2008, I completed my Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology from Utah State University, and received my ESL Endorsement in 2009.  I eagerly transferred to South Cache in 2011.  I love teaching Math, and I really enjoy teaching the 9th graders at South Cache.

My husband, Dan, worked for many years as a contractor, and now puts in his time at USU in the facilities/steam department.  Andrea, who graduated from BYU, teaches math, is a financial planner and is married Jacob Lindsay.  Rebecca graduated from USU with degrees in Finance and Economics, works for the LDS church, and is married to Rodolfo Moreno.  Matthew is attending USU, majoring in Engineering.  Kelsie is a CNA and Pharmaceutical Technician, and is in the Philippines serving an LDS mission.  Jacob, the Prince, is in 7th grade.