• Mountainside Elementary Library Information

    Who can use the library? Students and staff at Mountainside Elementary, parents of students and any homeschooled students in the Mountainside attendance area.

    When can books be checked in/out? Each class has a 40 minute library time designated each week for students to check books in and out.  Students may also check books in and out before school and at other times if arranged with the Library Teacher. 

    How many books may I check out? Each student may have two books checked out at a time.  A student may return and check out books as many times as they like during the week, daily if they need to.  If a student has a book checked out for a school project this does not count against their total items checked out.  If a student needs to check out more than 2 books, they need to ask permission from the Library Teacher.

    How long can I keep books?  Books may be checked out for two weeks, after this they are overdue. Books can be renewed if needed. Overdue notes will be sent home weekly. Students with overdue books cannot check out additional books.

    What happens if I damage a book?  If books are damaged and are no longer readable, the student will need to pay for the book. If possible, please return the damaged book so we can assess whether it is repairable.  We charge a $15 fee for damaged books. Students with outstanding fees cannot check out additional books until fees are paid.

    What happens if I lose a book?  If students cannot find a book, we will remove it from our inventory and charge a $15 replacement book fee. Students with outstanding fees cannot check out additional books until fees are paid.

    What if I don’t like a book? If a student finds a book to be inappropriate they and their parents have the option to fill out a book reconsideration form detailing why they think the book should not be in the library. The book is then read by our library committee and a final decision on retaining the book is made.