School Starts at 9:05 and ends at 3:35 Monday - Thursday.

    Friday Schedule is 9:05 - 2:20.

    Kindergarten 1st day is August 26th and start at 12:30 Mon.-Thurs. and Fridays 11:50 - 2:20.



    • The AM children will be brought out to the front of the building. Please pull up along the east curb to wait for your child.
    • Now that we have had a few weeks of school, hopefully your child is more familiar with recognizing your car in line and you will need to no longer stand by your car.
    • To ensure the safety of the children, children will not be allowed to walk beyond the fire hydrant to waiting vehicles or between vehicles.
    • Once your vehicle is in line by the fire hydrant, children will tell their teacher their safe choice is here and will walk to cars.
    • Please have your child enter your car curbside only.
    • To keep the flow of traffic, we ask you have your child enter your vehicle and for you to drive your vehicle over to the west curb to park and buckle.
    • If it is necessary for you to visit with another parent or with the teacher, please park in the designated parking lot so that traffic flow will not be impeded.
    • If you choose to park in the designated parking lot to pick up your child, please allow the teacher to bring students to the front of the building before having your child walk to your car. Encourage your child to make sure the teacher is aware that his/her safe choice is here.
    • If you are dropping off a PM student, please follow the same procedure as parents that are picking up. PM students will need to enter through the front doors, walk to Mrs. Burningham’s room and sit outside of the classroom on the bench until Mrs. Burningham can join them.