School Profile

  • Sky View High School is located in Smithfield, a small but quickly-growing city in northern Utah.  Neighboring cities of Richmond, Cove, Lewiston, Cornish, and Trenton also send students to Sky View.  The school, one of five high schools in the Cache Valley area, serves approximately 1300 students in grades 9-12.  This once-quaint valley has recently hit the 100,000 population mark.   This is a semi-rural agricultural region that also boasts of light industry and a burgeoning, diverse business sector. Logan, the largest city in the area, lies seven miles south of Smithfield.  It is the home of Utah State University and Bridgerland Applied Technology College. 

    School Mascot = Bobcats 

    School Colors = Blue and Gold

Notes on a wall of what students love about Sky View

    97% Average daily attendance  


    90 Faculty Members

    47% have advanced degrees

    13 Years Average Professional service


    Student Body

    313  Seniors

    332  Juniors

    400 Sophomores

    347 Freshmen

    Total Enrollment as of January 8, 2020 -- 1392



    87% Caucasian

    10% Hispanic

    1.4% Asian

    1% African American

    .6% Other minority